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Linebacker Mattresses come with three firmness options to meet your unique comfort needs.

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Delivery Included

Your Linebacker Mattress is made just for you. Delivery with in home setup is included with every purchase. Delivery times vary from 3-10 days based on location.



Cushion Firm

Luxury Plush

With 1 inch of medium Serene Foam and 1 inch of firm Serene foam, the “Touchdown” by Doug Baldwin Mattress provides a firm and very supportive sleeping experience.

From: $1299.99

With a 1 inch layer of Talalay Latex and a 1 inch layer of Plush Serene Foam, the Bobby Wagner Edition Mattress offers a soft but firm feel.

From: $1699.99

With 2 inches of Plush Serene Foam, the “Serenity” by Dr. Jantz Mattress offers the most plush and softest feel imaginable.

From: $1499.99


When cutting-edge, innerspring, and memory foam design meets state of the art materials, an innovative mattress is born. This is Linebacker Mattresses. With more than 50 years of experience, our team has worked closely with amateur and proffessional athletes to explore how sleep affects all aspects of life. Linebacker Mattresses are designed to provide optimal comfort and support for even the most active lifestyles. Our mission is to provide all bodies, in all walks of life, a better foundation for sleep health. When you sleep your best, you perform your best.


Durable Blaze Lime Cover
Cotton Poly blend designed to stretch and allow for maximum air flow, helping to regulate body heat.
STA-Cool Gel
STA-Cool Gel infused memory foam helps dissipate excess body heat.
Serene Memory Foam
Serene Memory Foam is temperature resistant to maintain shape and support, regardless of room temperature.
Soft Eco Flex Foam
Supportive and comfortable foam that conforms to your body.
Patented Linebacker Core
The core of each mattress offers the only memory foam sleep system with zoned support.
Guard Stabalizer Base
A solid internal foundation allows the Linebacker Mattress to be used with our matching foundation or platform bed.
360° Air Flow Vent Panel
As you move in the bed air circulates through the mattress.
Magnum Mercury Durablend Cover
Attractive and functional, this tear resistant cover helps maintain the mattress' shape.


Internal Slat Design
Our exclusive design spaces hardwood slats close together for maximum durability and support.
Magnum Mercury Durablend Cover
Attractive and functional, this tear resistant cover helps maintain the foundation's shape.
15-Year Non-Prorated Warranty
Linebacker Mattress sleep systems are built to last and provide optimal comfort, support, and durability.


We give you 89 days from the day you receive your new Linebacker Mattress to be sure it’s the most comfortable and supportive sleep system you’ve ever owned. Don’t worry about trying to adjust quickly to a new sleep system, especially if you slept on your former mattress for 10+ years.

Don’t hesitate to call 1-888-475-3372 if you have any questions or concerns regarding comfort, durability, materials, or more.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, you have the option of trying a different model, or returning the product for a full refund.

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Linebacker Accessories

Zero Gravity

The True Zero-Gravity system tilts up to a 15-degree incline. Relieve the discomforts of acid reflux, heartburn, sleep apnea, or hiatal hernias and rest in an ideal inclined angle without the restriction of resting exclusively in a seated position.

From: $1599.99

PragmaBed Collapsible Frames

The Pragma Bed was created to be the very first foldable foundation as an alternative to box-springs and bed frames. But it does much more than just provide support.

From: $79.99

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Call: 1-888-4-SLEEP-2 (1-888-475-3372)

Linebacker Mattress Company
325 SW 203rd Street
Normandy Park, WA 98166

About Us

One question I get asked a lot is “why are you in the mattress business?” I’ve heard it so often that it must be a question that deserves an answer. Before I get into the reasons why, I have to make an admission. I didn’t grow up thinking one day I would make mattresses. In fact, I can’t imagine any kid telling their mom and dad they wanted to grow up and make mattresses.

In some ways, you can say my journey to this point mirrors the journey so many have taken – one of necessity. In high-school I was a two-sport athlete: football and basketball. Truth be told I was a two sport star-athlete. As I approached my senior year, I felt it would be smart to focus on basketball and stop playing football. Despite enjoying football more than basketball, and being a better tight-end than power-forward, I chose basketball because I never thought I’d be big enough to be a professional football player. I was tall with a medium build and weighed just over 200 pounds. I never thought I could get to 250 pounds, let alone the 300 pounds I am now.

My first real job after college was for a chain of mattress stores in Seattle, WA called Sleep Country USA. Early on, we had about six stores. The company went through a successful growth mode and, by the time I left, we had almost 30 stores. It was an amazing opportunity to help a business grow in such a short amount of time. The lessons I learned were invaluable have helped me throughout my entire life.

My experience in the mattress industry and living life as an athlete drove me to create Linebacker Mattress. We provide support for people with active lifestyles, not just a generic foam pad to lay on at night. I was appalled by the lack of back support provided by the mattress industry. I had to create something designed and built to support athletes and larger individuals like me. If keeping your body healthy and in top shape is a priority of yours, this mattress can help you too.

When I was 18 years old, I promised myself that I would be able to dunk a basketball until I turned 40. I’ll be 50 this year and dunking a basketball through my 40’s was easy. Now my goal is to be able to do it again for my 50th birthday. You may not have the same goal, but I encourage you to set your own. Come on this journey with me. The linebacker mattress can support you the same way it does me and many other athletes like us.

Carlos Roland