5 Signs That You Need a New Mattress

Sleep is something that is incredibly important to your mental and physical health. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. The most important part to a good night of sleep is a supportive mattress. Here are five ways your mattress is trying to tell you it is time for a new one.


  1. You don’t get the same uninterrupted night of sleep

Do you spend all night tossing and turning to no avail? Chances are, your mattress is failing you. According to The National Sleep Foundation, 92% of people believe a comfortable mattress is required for a restful night of sleep. While you are waking again and again to shift and resettle, you are missing out on valuable, restorative sleep.


  1. You don’t wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

Consistently waking up with body numbness, general aches and pains, or even back or neck pain are a sign that you are not well supported by your mattress while you sleep. Your spine should be aligned in a neutral position. That means your hips and your shoulders should lay in about the same angle. You don’t want your hips thrust forward or backward as that puts stress on the lumbar area.

Additionally, you may be waking up to breathing or allergy symptoms. Over time mattresses build up and retain vast amounts of allergens: dust, dander, mold, and mites. A fresh, new mattress will allow you to get back into a wonderful sleep pattern once again. No more bouts of sneezing or waking up in a stuffy haze.

  1. Your mattress is old enough to be in the 1st grade

Some mattresses last longer than others. Generally speaking, a mattress is built to work for 5-7 years. After that, you are no longer getting the benefit and support it was intended to provide as it has started to wear down. Your body may also be changing. With that, you have new standards and requirements for comfort and support. As you grow older, you may need a more firm mattress to fight back or neck pains.


  1. Your mattress looks like it has given up on you

Visible wear and tear are sure signs that you need a new mattress. Indentions and noticeable sagging in your old mattress come from springs breaking down and compressing over time. You shouldn’t be able to feel the coils in your mattress. This is a problem with all mattress types too. Memory foam will get softer over time as fibers in the mattress begin to compress. Sagging is a symptom all mattresses will suffer from eventually. Don’t ignore this sign as your body will be the one to suffer.


  1. You seem to get a better night of sleep elsewhere

Are you feeling better rested after sleeping at a family member or friend’s house? At a hotel? On the couch?? If you’re sleeping better away from your mattress, you probably need a new one. Get back to “the comfort of your own home” with a new mattress that will provide the comfort and support that you are benefitting from elsewhere.


Linebacker Mattress offers premium mattresses designed for superior comfort and support. 65% of your weight is in your torso; that means you need extra support in the middle third of the bed. With the Linebacker Mattress you get that support in the form of denser and stiffer foam where you need it most. Support channels in the foam core add support to the middle third of the bed where most of your body weight is concentrated. Linebacker is the only foam mattress that offers this type of support along with the cooling properties of Serene memory foam. Unlike traditional memory foam, Serene Foam is not heat sensitive so it maintains the same feel regardless of room and body temperature.


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